Photogenic Competition

$15.00 Entry (1st Photo),   $10.00 Entry (2nd Photo),   $5.00 Entry (3rd Photo)

Photos must have name and division on back in either permanent marker or by using a label.  Be sure that ink does not smear.

Photos should be no smaller than 4 x 6 and no larger than 8 x 10.

Photos can be in color or black/white.

Contestants can enter 1, 2 or 3 photographs.  A Registration Form should be completed for each photo submitted along with the proper fees.

*DO NOT mail photographs.  Bring photographs to the workshop or Final Rehearsal for your age group. Photos will NOT be accepted after Final Rehearsal. All photos must be picked up right after the pageant.  We are not responsible for photos not picked up.  Photos left at the school after the pageant are discarded.

The Photogenic Competition is judged separately from the Competition and not added into the overall contestant score.


Talent Competition

$15.00 Entry

The talent portion of the pageant occurs immediately following the evening gown competition.  The talent scores are not added into the overall contestant score.  This is a separate optional competition.

Examples of talent include singing, dancing, gymnastics, dramatic monologue, acting scene, or any other special talent you have.

Contestant must provide all props, gym mats, etc., except for microphones.  No one else is allowed on stage other than the contestant.

Bring an accompaniment CD with name and division written on it to Sound Check Night.  Also bring an extra copy to the pageant in case of a problem with original CD.

Remember there is a 2 minute time limit on all talent.

All CDs or other equipment must be picked up right after the pageant.  We are not responsible for items left at the school.  Any CDs or equipment left will be discarded.